Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday night

I'm happy to report that the electronic-cigarette company that sent me a broken cigarette and was racking up charges on my credit card without explanation ("Smoke Anywhere USA" or "" has reversed all their charges ($129.85). Good for them.

No mile-long walk home tonight. I was tired. This morning, I made the longer walk, however. But that turned out to be unnecessary since the bus didn't detour. (I should have asked the driver first whether she was detouring today.) She whizzed right past me as I was walking down the street.

The candy has been banished from the house. I hauled it to work this morning and put it in the kitchen in a bowl with some other left-over Halloween candy and it was mostly gone by lunchtime.

When I got home, I drove up to my bank to deposit a couple of co-pay reimbursement checks and on my way home searched for the tobacco shop I thought I'd seen along that route. Didn't see it. (I'll have to look on the Internet.) I did drop by what I thought was basically a cigar store in the relatively new Biscayne Commons shopping center (where the new Publix and Lime Fresh Mexican Grille and TGI Fridays are). The sign says "Cigar & Lounge." I figured the outside seating area was the "lounge" part. To my surprise, there was a large, full-liquor bar inside at the back, with everyone smoking cigars, of course. But apparently they don't sell electronic cigarettes or accessories. Maybe they should. There's a lot of wasted space in there.

Now some Rachel. Watched half of that and switched to HGTV.

The cats are still waiting on the nice weather...

Tonight I made a three-egg omelet with diced ham and a little basil for breakfast tomorrow. Will take to work and warm it up. Can't wait. I'm hungry already.

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