Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday night early

No gym tonight. The garage-door opener has ceased functioning and I can't drive out of the building -- and it's too late to walk (the gym closes at 7:00 tonight). The device has to be fixed by the morning security guard, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow. It probably needs a new battery and then has to be re-coded. So I got all cleaned-up for nothing.

Having some of that Publix rotisserie chicken for dinner (healthy). Now heating up chili (pretty healthy).

Now that the weather is improving (gradually), I plan on walking to the gym, less than 10 minutes away. I can still shop afterwards. But if I need to buy something heavy, I can drive to the store another day. I could use the exercise, and I'd rather walk to the gym and back than use the treadmill or another exercise machine at the gym. (Boring.) I'm lucky I can walk or ride my bike there -- actually, that's one reason why I live here (I've been going to that gym longer than I've lived here). And the Publix is a few doors up from it. It's also where my vet is, and the GNC, and a McDonald's. There's also an H&R Block, where I've had my taxes done. Too bad the Woolworth's and a linen store closed.

The gym was supposed to move into a refurbished building on the property (previously a sports medicine clinic), but I don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon. It appears the shopping center's owners are having financial problems, since all ongoing renovations have ceased and remain incomplete. There's half a new facade at one end, for example. It's been that way for months.

Going to watch "60 Minutes" as soon as the football game is over. Meanwhile I'll make a tea.

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