Saturday, November 14, 2009

Late Friday Night

Came home from work and took a very refreshing nap. Then to gym and store. Couldn't resist getting some fried chicken, which Bootsy also enjoyed.

Spent the past couple of hours researching the electronic cigarette. Found a forum here. Last night I ordered some "juice" from the place I bought the cigarette, but it looks like I can get it much cheaper someplace(s) else. I've been smoking it some tonight, along with regular cigarettes. Watched some videos and read material for new users.

[Later] As someone wrote in a thread on "Converting to E-Cigs" at that forum:

In other words, I dont want to become more dependent/ addicted to the e-cig more than I am to regular cigs, if you know what I mean. Any help would be appreciated!

(That's what I'm researching.) Somebody else wrote:

I REALLY don't want to trade the carcinogens in real cigs for a bigger nicotine addiction.

Then someone wrote back:

The only thing i don't really agree on, for me personally i would not mind even doubling my nicotine if i was sure i was not getting the same harmfull carcinogens. I plan to start experimenting with different ways soon of getting my nicotine and have ordered some Sweedish Snus and some Snuff ill post about how i get on with them when it lands.

One last (?) sample:

I've been reading this thread so yeah, I've heard about the dripping. I'm not sure what you mean by VG and PG but I am very interested in it but concerned for getting the right amount in my system. I liked one posters idea about alternating 1 drop 0 nic for 1 drop of nic when refilling. I will see how I like the Dura-C and their stock carts. I really hope the flavor of their carts taste better than Red Dragon's. Man those things are weak and nasty, imo. Do all e-cig liquids have that sweet taste to it?

As for the trade-off of higher nicotine addiction vs carcinogens, well, I might agree with you if I had more confidence in the apperatus' quality and availability, not to mention possible restrictions from law. Upping your need for nicotine that much to then be possibly cut off is a bit frightening to think of how many cigarettes you'd have to smoke to get to the amount you upped with e-cig.

We shall see. I have much hope for the future of e-cigs. Could be such a good thing for some many smokers and people that live with them.

["VG" is vegetable glycerin and "PG" is propylene glycol. A "cart" is a cartridge.]

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