Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night

Back from store and gym, after a brief nap. (No napping on the bus today, but more on that in a bit.) Had my protein drink and got to Publix well before 9:00 to see what the hot food was at the deli today. Fridays is supposed to be fried catfish, not that I'd get that. Well, they didn't have it anyway. They had, rather, some kind of chicken fricassee that looked like it might give me a stomach flu, so I bought a barbecued rotisserie chicken instead. Tomorrow I don't plan on leaving the house, but I'll go back there on Sunday to get a load of the turkey. I know they do make that, as advertised, on Sundays.

Today at work, all employees received $100 Publix gift cards (one for each) for Thanksgiving. Nice. I used it tonight.

So I think we're having record high temperatures this weekend. Ugh. I'll be inside.

The past couple of days they had framed art prints on sale in the lobby of my office building, with part of the proceeds going to an educational charity. Last night as I was leaving the building at 7:00, they were moving the artwork upstairs somewhere for safe-keeping overnight. As I got off the elevator, I saw another elevator loaded up with pieces, about ready to head upstairs. When I walked by, a little piece sitting right inside the elevator door "spoke" to me. Today, on a quick break, I found the piece and bought it.

When I pointed it out to the salesperson, he said, "The Miro?" I didn't know it was a Miro, but apparently it's pretty famous. He said he liked it, too, and that if no one bought it, he was going to get it for his bathroom (it's 21 1/2" x 17 3/4"). Then I mentioned that I had a Miro in my own bathroom (above). Whadda ya know. Anyway, this is "Blue II."

Joan Miró. Blue II. 1961. Oil on canvas. 270 x 355 cm [8.86 x 11.65 feet -- big!]. Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.

So I couldn't nap on the bus because I had the artwork with me, face up on my lap. (Magazine on top of that.) Wasn't that tired anyway.

P.S. This is my Christmas present to myself. (It wasn't expensive.)

P.P.S. It looks a little lost on the bedroom wall tonight, but we'll have to see what it looks like tomorrow.

[Later] The master bedroom here is pretty big (and has a huge walk-in closet that I could possibly rent out if I had to). (You could sleep at least two people in there comfortably.) When I moved here, all the walls were painted ivory, so I created some "accent walls" in colors. The accent wall in the master bedroom was painted a deep, cerulean blue. That was the wall you faced when you entered the room. I put the bed up against that wall. The problem with that was that if the bedroom door was open, light from the living room would stream into my face in the morning or when I was trying to take a nap. So a while back I moved the bed to the opposite wall. Now the light streams in and hits the dark blue wall and is absorbed. The bed is now up against an ivory wall.

I must say, the bed looked cool against the blue wall with the starburst thing above it (B. and I got this stuff together). It reminded me of "Starry Night."

Tonight, when I was hanging up the "Blue II" on the blue wall, I re-hung the starburst on the wall above the bed. Still looks good. (It's a king-size bed.)

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