Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday night

Worked till 7:00. Got off the bus down the road and walked to Publix. They were supposed to have hot roast pork at the deli but had none today. I needed something for lunch tomorrow so I got chicken tenders (fried, over $8/lb.). I've had them before. They're OK. Had a couple for dinner, too.

Got my new nicotine solution today. Did two mixes and am trying now. Much better.

Tonight Bootsy attacked Lucky in the kitchen when I was getting ready to feed them. I swatted Bootsy and he's sulking now. Lucky just wants to get along. I felt bad for him. It looked like Bootsy was trying to kill him, and Lucky was in distress. Bootsy has been acting kind of clingy lately and I don't want him to think that I'm his and that we're against Lucky.

Watching Project Runway. Then I'll watch Anthony Bourdain.

I've seen the Anthony Bourdain (Azores) but the Project Runway was the (sixth?) season finale. I guess the right person won, although I didn't like it that all her clothes were black. I frankly liked the one (Carol Hannah) they kicked off first, but they said there was no theme or thread to her collection. That was true, but I thought her clothes were the best. Suzy Menkes was one of the judges. She's put on some weight. I first saw her on Absolutely Fabulous. She still wears the same hair style.

I normally don't talk about work since I know people from work read this, and things at work normally run well. But this week has been upside-down crazy as an ill-conceived project has maxed out the department. A duplication of effort. Re-inventing the wheel. Enough said.

Ate the last of the picadillo for lunch today. Excellent. Even my Cuban cohorts thought so (I had them taste it), and I don't think they were just being polite. It was really good. I'll make it again. It's not that difficult. Nice change from all the the chili and "chopped steak" I've been eating. One of my co-workers suggested making Shepherd's Pie with the ground beef. I love Shepherd's Pie but it's loaded with carbs (mashed potato topping). I've made it before. I also make Tamale Pie, but that has the cornbread topping.

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