Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday night

Very, very busy at work. I stayed late to help out. On my way home tonight, I got off the bus at Walgreen's about a mile south of here to get a 2032 battery for the garage-gate opener. This morning I'd taken the thing to the security guard who's in charge of that system. He said the signal was weak and to get a new battery. Anyway, there's a Burger King by the Walgreen's and I was hungry, so after buying the battery I sat in there and ate a fish sandwich while reading an article on Amelia Earhart and then walked home. Arrived in time to change clothes and feed the cats. I also installed the new battery (about the size of a nickel) and went downstairs to test it. I heard beeps but the gates wouldn't open. So I guess the security guard will have to re-program it tomorrow morning.

I'm glad the weather is getting nicer. (Great for walks!) (I'll do that walk more often now.)

Tonight is Anthony Bourdain, after Rachel Maddow. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was on Rachel, talking about Joe Lieberman's obstructionism and moving ahead with reconciliation in the Senate to get a healthcare bill that people want. (Reconciliation has always been on the table.) If they have to go that route, they should kick Lieberman out of the caucus and strip him of his power. Rachel showed Lieberman earlier talking about "his" Homeland Security Committee.

(It seems to me that Lieberman's career as a politician is hanging by a thread, given that he and his constituency are not on the same page.)

I didn't much care for Bourdain's show on San Francisco. I like the one on the Northwest. (I'm catching up on ones I haven't seen.) I think he's hilarious.

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