Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday night

Got the electronic cigarette up and running. As it is, I smoke ultra-light cigarettes. Today I took a couple of puffs on the e-cigarette and almost got dizzy. (It came with medium-strength nicotine "juice".) Tonight I ordered a bottle of low-strength and a bottle of nicotine-free juice, and will mix them to create a weaker cigarette. I don't want to become even more addicted to nicotine than I already am! Tonight I'll give the thing a try. It'll take some getting used to, I'm sure.

An old friend of mine contacted me today through Facebook. She had moved to Las Vegas around 10 years ago to be near her family (her mother is over 90 now and has Alzheimer's -- she'd been a banker here). My friend moved back to this area a few months ago but had not been online (nor had she called me). She wrote me a message to call her and I called her tonight. (She'd had a cocktail or two.) We had a wonderful talk and we'll have to get together. We met years ago at the old Sugars, a gay bar near here (she's a tall, blonde, gorgeous Lesbian -- looks like a drag queen, if you will). She'd been a travel agent for years and then that business dried up. (I think she was working in Las Vegas at a store.) Now she's retired. Apparently where she lives now (on the Beach), she hasn't been able to get Internet access. Presently she's house-sitting in Miami Shores and got online there.

Tired. Walked the mile after work today. (No long walk this morning.) The weather is back to nice. Had the windows and slider open tonight.

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