Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday night

Well, the ill-conceived project at work is done. Our department was practically paralyzed for over a week on account of this project.

Walked my mile home today. Good thing, since I pigged out on potato chips at work. (Don't eat them much.) I also had a bacon double cheeseburger at Burger King and a small Coke Icee before walking.

A few blocks into the walk, I saw a little white dog (a poodle?) trying to cross US1 (from the east side, where I walk). I was terrified. I tried to alert the oncoming cars but the dog ended up running back toward the residential area east of US1 (where he probably came from). I guess he got spooked. Whew! The dog appeared to be well groomed and out of his element. He probably escaped from one of the houses back there. I'd felt compelled to catch him and take him back home and then try to find the owner later. (I'm sure glad he ran off, though I kept watching for him/her and I walked up the street.) Whew. I'm not prepared to have a dog here, even a little one (especially with the cats).

Howard Dean subbing for Rachel tonight. Bernie Sanders was just on, talking about the public option. See here on reconciliation.

Alan Grayson was on Olbermann talking about changing the rules for cloture. Too bad I missed the segment on Glenn Beck calling Mary Landrieu a prostitute and a hooker. I'll have to dig something up. See "Crooks and Liars" here.

Anthony Weiner on now, talking about the public option, etc.

Dean has subbed before. He does a good job.

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