Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from gym and store, after a nap. Didn't get anything at the store. I was looking for the hot food at the deli (aside from fried or rotisserie chicken). Nothing at this time of night (almost 10:00). On Sunday, when I walked out of the gym (a little after 6:00 p.m.), they had all the different hot foods out (meat and side dishes). I bought a pound or so of the turkey and it was delicious (Bootsy thought so too). They have a different meat every day for $5+/lb. I now know you have to get there earlier to buy the hot food. I'll definitely get the turkey again and would like to try the other stuff. Years ago I used to get their hot food and liked it.

The turkey, white meat, was kind of hacked up (rather than sliced) with a bit of sliced onion and green pepper into a juicy mass, with the addition of some stock and/or drippings. (Who likes dry turkey breast?)

Tomorrow I'm working a little later and will walk my mile home. Maybe I'll stop off at Publix and see what's hot at the deli.

Apparently today was B.'s day off (Wednesdays usually are). The black Hummer was parked in the handicapped space at Flanigan's restaurant/lounge when I rode by there on the bus home (6:45). It was also there when I went to the gym (a little after 9:00) but gone when I came home from the gym (a little before 10:00). I'm just waiting for them to get drunk and have another fight and call me again on the phone. (B. on tequila is frightening.)

I got a kick out of my doctor yesterday. He's very fit, by the way, I guess in his early 50s. He's gay and has a "husband" (as he calls him). (He's also a lawyer but doesn't practice law. He went to law school and practiced law before studying medicine.) I was talking about the electronic cigarette. He'd never heard of it but was keenly interested and said he was going to research it on the Internet later that night. (He knows I smoke.) He said he also smokes, Marlboro Lights, and finds regular cigarettes too strong. (I take it he only smokes when he's out socializing, however.) I smoke ultralights and also find regular cigarettes too strong. I was telling him about getting dizzy on the nicotine in the electronic cigarette and that I was going to have to make it weaker by diluting the solution.

My doctor and I also talked about the health care legislation in Congress. He's worried that the lobbyists will have their way and that reform will be delayed this time around.

Watching Rachel Maddow. Sen. Harkin said Lieberman will come around and allow the health care bill to go to a vote. Harkin does not want to see passage through reconciliation.

Back to HGTV.

The water here has been awful lately. Once a year now, over a two-week period, they flush out the system with a very strong-tasting chlorine. It's nasty. I don't recall that they used to do this.

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