Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday night

Finished project today. First draft is done, at least. The working title is "Prescription Drug Abuse Hits Home." You know what (who) that's about. It's been painful to write but I had to do it. It may be 6,000 words when I'm finally finished. I'm going to add an epilogue, but not tomorrow. I have things to do.

Tonight I wanted to watch "Bruno" on Comcast "On Demand" (something I wouldn't go see in the theater). When I tried to order the movie, I got this message: "This model of settop does not support High Definition Content. Please call 305-COMCAST." Hmmm. I'd never got that message before. When I called Comcast, they said I'd need to get a new box for HDTV (you need a box to get On Demand). Their office is closed on Sundays, otherwise I'd drove over and pick it up myself (Miami Gardens and I-95), so someone is coming next Saturday to install it (for $19.99). The Sandra Bullock movie I watched last weekend -- Comcast just told me -- wasn't high-definition (it didn't appear to be). Anyway, this box will cost $6.95/month -- not bad.

Watching "Bruno" anyway, in the standard format.

[Later] I couldn't finish the movie. I watched 30 minutes of it (to where he'd arrived in the Middle East and was talking about "hummus" vs. "Hamas"). Absolutely horrible. Not the least bit funny. Inaccurate depiction of gay people -- just made them look bad. What's the point of this movie anyway?

On second thought, I think I'll just keep this cable box. I don't watch that many movies on "On Demand" anyway, and I can put up with the standard format.

[Later] Ended up watching the rest of the movie, since I'd paid for it. It got better but it was still bad. Gays certainly don't benefit from Sacha Baron Cohen's attempts to shine a bad light on homophobia, if that's what he was trying to accomplish. Gays don't look good in that light, either. Do us no favors. Mind your own business.

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