Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saturday night later

I'm washing some cushions for the wicker furniture, which the cats lie on. I don't want the cleaning people to have to deal with them on Monday. (I'd told the guy who came here to give me the estimate that I would clean them myself.) They're full of cat hair, etc. It's time they were washed. They barely fit into the washers, which are large.

The new TV has to be cleaned (not that it's dirty yet) with water only, sprayed onto a special cloth (provided by manufacturer). I'll leave this out for the cleaning people, with the instructions.

Today I watched a show on real houses used in movies (mostly horror movies, like "Halloween" and "Scream" and "Nightmare on Elm Street"). It was pretty interesting. They went to a house used in "Hannibal." I'm watching that now on Bravo while the cushions are drying. Never seen it. I'm really not into horror movies, however, and may have to switch to something else. I'd like to see the house they used (for a dining room scene). It's in Richmond, VA.

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