Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saturday night late

Talked to my friend in FTL/STL for almost two hours. Just got off the phone a few minutes ago.

The dog died last week, not this week, while my friend was in STL. ( He'd been too upset to call last weekend.) The dog had access to the outdoors and didn't come home Sunday (or perhaps Monday). My friend's BF looked all around for her and notified the security people that the dog was missing. The dog was found by a yard man who works for the development on Wednesday, deep inside a hedge on the east boundary of my friend's property, practically hidden by fallen leaves. The yard man said the dog looked "pretty good" and wrapped her in a blanket and drove her to the vet. We'll never know what she died of. (I'm somewhat surprised my friend didn't order a necropsy, but she was already becoming bloated.) The dog has been cremated and my friend will be receiving her remains in a wooden box (with an inscription, I presume).

He's had a few dogs in his life (malamute(s) and husky(ies) ) and said this one (a mutt) was the closest he'd ever been to. He said he was considering having her remains buried with him when he dies. She was black and tan and probably part Doberman. She wasn't as large as a Doberman, however.

It's all very sad. He wanted to be with her when she died. (She hadn't been doing too well lately.)

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