Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday evening

No "Desperate Housewives" tonight. The American Music Awards are on ABC.

Got cleaned up and went to the store. I have $3 and change left on my gift card from work. Bought two pounds of the hot deli turkey and some macaroni and cheese. (It looked good.) I don't eat it often. And it was good. I had it for dinner with some turkey and a yogurt. Right now I'm roasting a bottom round roast. I'll have plenty of food for the week. I also bought some more lean ground beef (on sale) and will make either chili or picadillo with that. (Have fixings to make both.) Maybe I'll make both.

This week, we have Thanksgiving and Friday off from work. I have no plans except to work back on the project. Last year I had Thanksgiving dinner at Flanigan's and it was terrible. Bland, rubbery lunch meat turkey. Everything else was OK.

An old friend of mine from FSU will be in town from Denver Nov. 30 - Dec. 16. We plan on getting together. I just got an email from him recently.

I canceled the Comcast HD box installation (to get On Demand movies in HD). I don't use On Demand that often and it's not worth the extra money. The HD movies in the standard format look pretty good.

Now for "60 Minutes."

Roast beef came out great (don't like it rare). Had a few slices of that for dinner with some rye melba toast buttered with Smart Balance buttery spread (supposed to be good for you).

Watching little people on TLC ("Little Parents, First Baby"). Their baby is going to grow up to be an average-size person, which is what the parents wanted. Can't wait till next week to watch "The 650-Pound Virgin" (haven't seen it).

He's had to have operations for this (excess skin):

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