Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saturday night later still

Cushions came out fine. I also washed this funky rug, which Lucky loves when it's clean and fresh out of the dryer.

Not into this movie ("Hannibal") but I still want to see that house in Richmond. I'm not into gory stuff. I guess I'll stay up and finish watching it. It's packed with commercials and on-screen distractions (Bravo). "On Demand" wasn't working earlier so I settled on this. I'm not a big movie-watcher but all the HGTV stuff was being repeated from earlier and there wasn't much else on, so I thought I'd watch a movie on my wonderful new HDTV. I much prefer Jodie Foster to Julianne Moore, I have to say.

Watched some "Saturday Night Live" earlier only because Lady Gaga was on, and then I missed most of her closing number while I was in the laundry room. No big deal.

[Later] OK. I got to see the dining room scene (the finale) in the house in Richmond. Nasty. The movie was crap. Sorry. Going to bed ASAP.

(I know (or at one time knew) Richmond and its environs and thus was intrigued -- I have relatives there and attended college in the area for two years.)

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