Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canoodling Catholic priest joins Episcopal church, will marry

This is the priest who was photographed on the beach with a woman. Now he can canoodle all he wants to. Jesus never said anything about celibacy for his future priests (:-) ), and we know nothing about Jesus's own sex life (or whether he even had one) or his attitudes toward sex. Miami Herald story here.

''Father CutiƩ is removing himself from full communion with the Catholic Church and thereby forfeiting his rights as a cleric,'' Favalora said, later adding that CutiƩ is still "bound by the promise to live the celibate life which he freely embraced at ordination. Only the Holy Father can release him from the obligation."

Not so, Bishop Frade said Thursday afternoon. ''That promise is not recognized by our church. If you can find it in the Bible that priests should be celibate, that will be corrected,'' Frade said. "The only thing we can say is that we pray for ecumenical relations. . .I am sorry they are sorry, and we love them.'' . . .

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