Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday evening

The sun is going down right now and it's all golden outside. Lucky's out on the terrace and Bootsy's sitting at my feet.

I managed to enjoy the day and tried not to think about the next two days. After coffee across the street (my magazine did come in the mail, but I bought a Herald anyway), I drove up to Biscayne Commons and had dinner at T. G. I. Friday's (forget the crepes--I was hungry). It was overcast and sprinkling but never really rained. I sat outside under the overhang, just in case. Had mozzarella sticks for appetizer and then a sirloin steak with wild mushroom sauce and fried onion rings on the side. Everything was delicious. Ate all the mozzarella sticks but have a bit of steak and a few rings left over for later. If not later, then Monday, after I get back from the ambulatory center. I'm pretty full.

While I was driving north, I noticed B.'s BF's car wasn't in the parking lot of his place of business, meaning B. didn't drive it to work or didn't work today. One my drive back south after dinner, however, B. was outside his place, going in, and I honked the horn at him. I guess he saw the truck. (There's a separate storage shed off the parking lot, which would explain B.'s being outside.)

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