Saturday, May 09, 2009

Stop "Hillary-care" now!

From Joe Conason here. "Single-payer 'socialist' healthcare is popular with voters, but that doesn't keep the GOP from its pathetic attempts to demonize it." (Read the whole article--it's not long.)

Groping for that fear button, Luntz asked his polling sample, "Which two concepts or phrases would FRIGHTEN you the most?" The first was healthcare rationing, an idea that isn't being contemplated by either the Obama administration or congressional Democrats (although healthcare is rationed by price under the current system). The second was "one-size-fits-all healthcare," a phrase that is devoid of any content but that conjures images of federal regimentation. Third came "healthcare by lobbyist," the plan that has been implemented by the insurance and pharmaceutical industry, with eager collaboration by the Republican leadership, for decades.

"Socialized medicine" came in a feeble fourth, barely ahead of "politicized healthcare," and scaring only about a quarter of the respondents, which demonstrates once again that the S-word has lost most of its terrorizing mojo. ("Hillary-care," presumably included for old times' sake, scares only about 10 percent of voters.) . . .

The ever-cynical Luntz tells the Republicans to attack the insurance companies "almost as much" as they attack government, but he cannot really believe that. If they followed such reckless advice, who would pay for their campaigns?

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