Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday night - at random

Dick Cheney can say all he wants to to justify his torture, but the truth is the Bush Administration put Al-Qaeda on the back burner when they got into office -- against the all manner of warnings -- and the 9/11 attacks happened on their watch. Also, the information they got without using torture was more valuable than the information they got using torture.

Anderson Cooper, in an interview with Liz Cheney, pointed out that her father is defending policies the Bush Administration moved away from. Earlier, on Countdown, someone said Dick Cheney is probably worried, and that they're making a good case against him over in Spain.

I'm really looking forward to this doctor's appointment tomorrow (I never thought I'd utter those words--wow!). I've got two alarm clocks set (including the cell phone).

David Gergen says the American people have spoken on these issues. Enough said, Dick. "Depart, I say, and let us have done with you!", Olbermann said.

Watching Rachel Maddow now. I don't agree with her comparing Obama's "prolonged detention" of dangerous terrorists to "preventive incarceration" in the movie "Minority Report."

Cheney still wants to link Iraq with Al-Qaeda.

If waterboarding is effective, you shouldn't have to do it 180 times on one person.

I'm not treating Bootsy's ears tonight. They look really good and I don't want to grapple with him with my shoulder the way it is. I can do it tomorrow. Hopefully my shoulder will feel better. I hope the doctor injects all kinds of stuff into it.

Re: the anesthesia they use for the colonoscopy/gastroscopy. If I'm conscious (but not remembering, i.e., will have amnesia afterwards), I'm just afraid of what I'll tell the doctor and the nurses while I'm undergoing these procedures. I hope I give them a thoughtful, intelligent earful. (I was on Wikipedia, researching the procedure. One of the anesthetics was likened to Sodium Pentothal--the "truth serum" they used to use in interrogations.)

I'm happy I'm no longer "tortured" about the situation with B. I got a lot out of our last chat. It's better to talk things out.

Oh, God. Chris Matthews has Pat Buchanan on again. Time to chill. Chris Matthews is too much entertainment for me.

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