Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday night

No gym tonight. I want to hear what the doctor says about the shoulder (sometime tomorrow, I hope). I don't want to exacerbate whatever it is. (Nap helped. I lay on my back the whole time.) It only hurts when I try to raise my arm. (Putting on and taking off shirts is a bitch.)

A couple of people in my department had something similar to what I have. They went to the doctor and the doctor injected cortisone into the joint, and their condition improved. Sounds good to me. Fortunately I'm able to do my job. Now watch them want to replace the joint in my shoulder.

So the Senate voted (overwhelmingly) not to fund the closing of the military prison at Guantanamo, created by Bush. Are people really afraid of having terrorists transferred to our prisons? As Dibgy and Rachel Maddow pointed out today, imprisonment is one of the things we do best here in the U.S. I saw tonight on Keith Olbermann that they have plenty of room at a new prison in Montana. See this also.

(I lived in Montana for a couple of years and had a great experience. I followed my first partner there after we met at FSU.) (It was his idea.)

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