Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday night

Tonight I re-watched online the second half of the final "Desperate Housewives" episode. I'd missed a few things last week while I was puttering around.

Today I went back up to Biscayne Commons and had that sausage and pepper pizza at Pizza Fusion. Good but not as good as the pizzas I (infrequently) order from an authentic Italian pizza joint in the neighborhood (Bari). I'm spoiled. No more Pizza Fusion, although the atmosphere is certainly nice.

The sky was dark and I sat outside in the loggia, eagerly awaiting a thunderstorm that never materialized. I also had a steak taco at Lime* and a bowl of broccoli cheese soup at T.G.I. Friday's. It was fun, acting touristy. Afterwards I had a coffee at Starbucks.

My shoulder is almost back to normal. Amazing. Today I was able to do everything--take a shower, dry myself off, put on clothes, open and close the driver's seat window in the truck, pull the truck's door closed--normally, with full use of my left arm..

*I prefer Taco Bell for the hard-shell taco. Not as brittle. My Lime taco quickly disintegrated. Stick with the excellent burrito. (I'll try a soft-shell taco next time.)

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