Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday night

Today I talked to the condo manager about the water leak from the kitchen. To make a long story short, Home Depot will be sending the plumber back here to check it out and hopefully fix it at no cost to me. (The manager basically said the water line to my fridge hadn't been installed properly--it needed some kind of special "coupling.") Good news is that the water leaked out into the hallway, rather than down into someone else's apartment. So the carpet got a little damp. It seems fine now.

I also talked to the manager about getting one of the housekeeping people to come in and periodically clean my floors. She'll call me back tomorrow about that. If someone does the floors, I'll do the rest.

I'm kind of getting back "into" the kitchen and look forward to finishing it off. (I just needed a hiatus from it.) I'm still thinking about what kind of tiles to put on the backsplash. I'd originally thought iridescent glass. But maybe little marble tiles. I'll figure it out.

Tonight I almost thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, which is not that difficult with everything being new and easy to clean. (It's usually pretty clean anyway, except for the floors, which aren't even that bad.) I just wanted it to look freshened up if contractors are going to be coming back around and housekeeping people are coming in.

Basically, if it weren't for the cats, the place would stay a lot cleaner, but the cats are worth it.

Worked late today. No nap for me. That's OK. Looking forward to going back to the gym on Friday. Shoulder is doing fantastic. Have a colonoscopy/gastroscopy on Monday. Not looking forward to that.

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