Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday night

It's starting to get wet here. I was just over at Starbucks for a tea. I should have driven the truck over there and gotten a free car wash. (Maybe tomorrow.) We really need the rain. Umbrella is drying now.

I had a dentist's appointment at the end of the day for a routine cleaning. Took my (doctor's prescription) Valium beforehand.

Talked to my doctor's office today about finding a different gastroenterologist. They recommended someone who didn't practice near my home, so I guess I'll stick with the other guy. The colonoscopy and gastroscopy are scheduled for Monday, June 1. I did tell my doctor's office about an insensitive/ignorant/ homophobic remark the guy had made (and that will be relayed to my doctor).

I'm so sick and tired of people treating gays like lepers. As you hear nowadays, what would Jesus think? I'm a decent, normal, law-abiding, tax-paying person who happens to be (apparently by nature's or, if you will, God's design) gay. But even if I were indecent and abnormal, remember what Jesus said: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." See here.

Had the roast beef spread for lunch at work today, on sea salt Melba toast rounds. Excellent. My supervisor had some, too, and loved it. It tasted even better after sitting in the fridge overnight. Earlier I prepared some turkey Italian sausage and mixed it up with some spaghetti sauce I'd thawed out from the freezer and will take that to work for lunch tomorrow, along with some vermicelli I'd boiled up earlier. (I just remembered to grate some Locatelli Romano cheese on top of the sausage/sauce.) Looking forward to lunch.


m'sean said...

take your ""Valium"" then as well, you're a brave lad Jimmy Cricket top of the hat to you!!

the blogger said...

Thanks. What are you on tonight?