Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday night

I went by the mail room earlier. No one was there, but somebody had left his or her walking aide standing in the middle of the room. Hmmmm. I wonder if a miracle happened. (Thought I should document it.) (I hope an Alzheimer's sufferer didn't forget it.) (Sorry!)

Starbucks was too busy tonight. Walked back home without buying anything. That's OK, since I'm at the bottom of the barrel of my reading material (no new magazine in the mail today). Treated Bootsy's ears. He wasn't happy (nor was I as a result).

Don't worry. I'm not going to cross B.'s BF. I'm afraid of him, even though he told me he'd been a "doctor" in Cuba. (And he doesn't read this.) Lots of psychopaths go into the medical profession, I read. ("Among the professions likely to attract psychopaths . . . are law enforcement, the military, politics, and medicine, although he notes that these have norms and are self-policing. The most agreeable vocation for psychopaths, according to Hare, is business.") (Emphasis added.)

Random thought (on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", etc.): A meritocracy can only work where there's no discrimination. A lot of the "best and brightest" fall through the cracks. The welfare of our society is disadvantaged as a result. (Viz. the gay Arabic speakers booted out of the military.) We need all the "best and brightest" we can get. Also, less privileged but promising young people should have ready access to reasonable loans to attend college. And the tuitions at state schools should also be reasonable. (We can't keep letting spoiled underachieving rich kids run this country.) (Look at what happened last time!)

Had a good nap tonight. Need the rest.

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