Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday night

Shoulder gets better. Stopped taking the aspirin.

Tonight I had dinner at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill up at the Biscayne Commons "upscale outdoor shopping and dining complex." Sat outside under an overhang, since it was sprinkling. Had the Lime beef burrito again. Loaded up the accompanying chips with fresh Pico de Gallo. Also had quite a bit of the black bean/corn salsa. Ate that with a fork. All good stuff. Shopped at the Publix there afterwards.

After yesterday, today was kind of a letdown. But I'm glad to have the long weekend. It reminds me that I need a vacation, however.

Watching a new "House Hunters" about a lesbian couple buying a condo in San Francisco. One BR, 1 bath for over $400,000. Yikes.

[Later] Had a tea across the street and then treated Bootsy's ears after I changed clothes. Tonight I slipped off my knit shirt with both arms extended above my head (i.e., the normal way). Hadn't been able to do that in days. I'd been pointing both arms toward the floor and slipping off the left side with my right arm (the good arm) and then shrugging out of it.

I think tomorrow I'll go back to Biscayne Commons and have a pizza at Pizza Fusion. I'll get the personal size Sausage & Tricolor Pepper. It's a holiday and I'm celebrating.

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