Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sean Hannity Attacks Obama for Ordering 'Dijon' Mustard

Obama and Biden's visit to the burger joint made the NBC Nightly News this week. It was totally innocuous and simply fun to watch. I remember thinking at the time: Obama likes his burgers the way I do, medium well-done, with mustard. From TowleRoad here.

The elitist, 'un-American' meme returns as Sean Hannity attacks Obama for ordering 'Dijon' mustard. Pathetic, desperate, dying right wing...all come to mind. I'm surprised he didn't mention that the joint probably doesn't even serve any "freedom fries" either.

This is silly. They're really grasping at straws to make something out of this. (Not to mention that Dijon mustard wasn't even Obama's first choice.)

(See here also.) Longer version of Obama and Biden's visit to Ray's Hell Burger:

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