Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday night

This afternoon I did something to my left shoulder (the bad one)--maybe I wrenched it while I was stretching, or something--and now it hurts like hell. I hope it's better when I wake up in the morning. (Didn't get a nap since I worked late.) It's throbbing. It hurts too much to blog (almost). I may end up going to a doctor about it (which I'd considered already)--it's that bad. It had been improving over the past year and a half, with new mattress, pillows, etc., but something really bad happened today. Maybe the pain can be relieved with some kind of shot. Who knows.

"The Stagers" was good. Another new one.

Got my car washed tonight in the driving rain while I was at the store and then Starbucks, sitting under the overhang with my magazine and my tea. It needed it. Looks good. It sits in the garage most of the time collecting dust.

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