Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday evening

Re: shoulder injury. Today I called that orthopedic surgeon back and was told their computers were still out but that they had no openings today, don't keep office hours on Fridays, don't accept emergencies, and wouldn't be able to give me an appointment until next week. So I called my doctor's office back and got a couple more referrals. One place didn't accept my health insurance (United Healthcare). So I have an appointment at another place at 9:30 a.m. It's on Arthur Godfrey Road and getting there should be easy. Meanwhile I can't say that my shoulder has gotten any better.

Apparently our condo is in trouble vis-a-vis maintenance fee collection. We got an email from the president of the Condo. Association today, in red ink. Last month they collected only $99,000 when they had $147,000 budgeted for collection. Looks like this month is going to be bad too. They might have to make an assessment. Meanwhile they're urging people who can afford it to pay next month's fees early. (I'll have to look at my finances.)

Having another one of those StarKist SeaSations frozen microwaveable fish entrees for dinner. The Mediterranean tomato/basil is just as good as the lemon/herb I bought last time.

No nap today. I'm not tired, and I want to be tired at bedtime, since I have to wake up a little earlier than usual to make the doctor's appointment.

I just heard Cheney say on Keith Olbermann that if we bring Gitmo detainees to the U.S., we'll have to spend U.S. tax dollars here to provide for them. WTF! As if we weren't spending tax dollars right now running Gitmo! (And how much did it cost to build, when we already had super-maximum security prisons here?!)

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