Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday night

Voted today in a municipal election. I had an absentee ballot but didn't send it in on time, so I went to my polling place after work. The poll workers caught the fact that I'd been sent an absentee ballot and had to call somewhere to make sure I wasn't voting twice. This gives me some confidence in our voting system here in Florida, since we muffed it in 2000 (much to the nation's detriment).

I'd been voting by absentee ballot for a while, in order to bypass the possibly Republican-jiggerable touch-screen system which left no "paper trail". Today they had paper ballots for instant optical scanning, a receipt with a facsimile of my signature, and perhaps other paper trails. I was happy to see that.

Tonight on Keith Olbermann I watched a segment about the anti-gay California beauty queen. She was saying (crying, actually) about how her grandfather had fought in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII so that she could have the freedom of speech to voice her opinions. Well, my ancestors fought in the American Revolution so that I can live my life the way I see fit, without being discriminated against by people like her. In the meantime, she'd been caught exposing her fake breasts on camera--photos had been leaked. She was going on about that, too. She said the wind had blown her blouse open, while the photos showed her long hair hanging perfectly straight-down.

What a phony and a hypocrite and a liar. But Donald Trump let her keep her crown. That's fine. We wouldn't want to make a martyr out of her (although she'd probably love that).

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