Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Quick email to Condo. Assn. president re: water leak in my unit:

Hi, _________,

This morning (at around 7:30) I was sound asleep when the Security Desk called to say I had a water leak in my kitchen and that they needed to get into the apartment on an emergency basis. I had both my phones turned off and slept through the calls. When I did get up, after noon, I noticed my refrigerator had been moved. I then heard the messages from the Security Desk and called them back. They said that the water to my refrigerator had been leaking and that they turned it off.

I noticed yesterday when I got home from work, when I ran the water in the bathroom and then the kitchen, the water (and air) came out in a tremendous blast of pressure that really startled me. I'd never seen the water come out so forcefully. If something happened to the water supply to my refrigerator, I would attribute it to this blast of water pressure. Apparently they were doing something yesterday with the water lines [inside the building].

The water line to my refrigerator was brand new and installed last fall by a plumber during the remodeling of my kitchen.

I'll talk to [manager] about it when she's in the office. Thank you for your attention.

This water line to my fridge runs along the tops of the cabinets and beneath the counter top. There was no water in any of the cabinets. Good grief. I hope this isn't serious. And I hope there was no damage to the apartment below. (But I have insurance for that.)

Actually I was up at 10:00 this morning but decided to stay in bed and let the shoulder heal. I took aspirin when I got up. It seems to be doing well.

When I came out of the bedroom, I noticed the ceiling fan going in the kitchen and then saw that the fridge had been pulled out from the wall. At first I thought the plumbing inspector had been there, but then I listened to my messages.

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