Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Perfectly aware that today was Easter, I'd forgotten how this would affect my plans for the day. No gym (closed at 4:00 -- I'd planned on going at 5:30 or so), no grocery shopping (Publix is always closed on Easter), and no cooking (nothing to cook). Also, there will be no new "Desperate Housewives" tonight. So I have loads of time on my hands. Was over at Starbucks for a little more than an hour, reading. Had one cup of coffee, vs. two. Don't want to have trouble getting to sleep tonight, since have to get up for work in the a.m.

Fortunately I have food to take to work for b'fast and lunch and enough catfood till I can shop tomorrow.

Didn't stay up terribly late last night and didn't sleep in too late. I guess body's getting used to the time change at last.

I could always do my taxes...

Ever since Firefox upgraded the other night (Friday), I've been having trouble with Facebook. I've done all kinds of trouble-shooting. Facebook works fine with Google Chrome and Safari (Safari being recommended by Facebook, along with Firefox and Internet Explorer). I've downloaded Safari twice now and have no option to use the "Top Lists" feature (to organize frequently visited websites), even after extensively upgrading my Java (as recommended by Java), not knowing whether that had anything to do with this problem. (Apparently it didn't.)

I love my tabs management addon in Firefox, so I'll use Firefox to browse my sites and Safari to share pix and links on Facebook. (Last night I was able to do this again with Firefox, but not today.) Meanwhile I've sent help requests to both Firefox and Safari about the issues.

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