Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday night

(Looks like day!)

Soup came out pretty good, considering I didn't do a lot of chopping. Of course it's always better with freshly chopped turnip and parsnip, e.g. It'll be better tomorrow, after it sits in the fridge. In any case, it's very healthful.

Lucky does love the new comforter/bedspread. After his dinner, he went right back on it. It's very nice. All cotton with poly fill. It's a good one. Don't know whether it'll fit in the washer here, however. That's OK. There's a laundromat half a block down the street.

The yellow tabibuias are in full bloom. They were coming into bloom last weekend. The tree above hadn't yet come into full bloom at that time, but today it was gorgeous. I went out to take a shot of it, and someone else (parked at right) was doing the same thing. I waited for him to finish before I took the shot. By then he was photographing the decorative street entrance, which looks really nice now that the date palms (?) have begun to thrive (I think one withered and had to be replaced). Anyway, you can see the guy down there in front of the structure.

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