Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday evening

Walked from the far bus stop and stopped off at the store for canned mushroom soup and heavy duty aluminum foil for the beef brisket. Turns out I didn't need the foil. Browning the brisket now before it goes into the oven wrapped up in foil, with the soup and the onion soup mix -- that's it. I'll leave it in the oven for 3 1/2 hours. Rendered a lot of the fat off one side of the brisket (it's a flat cut). (The other side is lean.)

[Later] "Project Runway" on now.

Brisket is smelling good. Now 45 minutes to go.

Came out great. Made perfect gravy. I sliced the whole thing up and packed it away with the gravy to take to work. Trimmed fat as I went. I cooked it fat side up. A lot of the goodness on top of the fat was discarded. If I cooked it fat side down, however, the gravy would be too fatty. So next time -- and I will make it again -- I'll put some of the flavorings beneath the meat, less on top. It's not that economical, however, since the meat shrinks. The whole roast (2+ lbs.) sliced up, plus gravy, fit inside a 3-cup container. But that's two meals. And it was so easy. (The roast cost $9-something, on sale.)

My mother used to bake pork chops with sliced onion and mushroom soup and I always loved it. Made its own gravy, which was great over rice or mashed potatoes.

I got an offer from my mortgage company (delivered by UPS) (?) to refinance my place at 4+% (currently I'm at 7%). I think I'll go for it. I'll get a 10-year mortgage and hope to pay it off sooner. I'll try to call them tomorrow.

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