Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday night

Stopped back at the Home Depot after work to get a few solar-powered "walk lights" (i.e., little lights to line your outside walkway which you poke into the ground--on sale for $3.88 apiece). I'd bought one yesterday to see how it worked. Now I have four of them sticking out of plants on the terrace to give it a little ambience and maybe also illuminate Lucky when he's out there at night. (I often can't see him and go get a flashlight). I also moved a huge aloe houseplant out there. It hasn't been doing well since B. left, since I didn't water it much. At least it'll get some rain on the terrace. I also moved an enormous bamboo out there, something we'd inherited from one of B.'s friends before he left. It's potted in water and keeps growing and growing. Let it do that on the terrace. I'm just a little worried about the wind out there, however.

Well, the big old broken TV is out of here. It took up a lot of room. Having that space back kind of inspired me to reclaim even more of it by moving the big plants out. (I now have one live plant left in the house, a bromeliad, which is doing OK.)

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