Saturday, April 17, 2010

Late Saturday night

Was at gym and store tonight, after a good nap. Then got really hungry and ate corned beef, then went through an entire $5+ container of cut-up watermelon I'd just bought, then some dried apples and apricots, some cold steak and then fat-reduced Triscuits. Sometimes I get really hungry after the gym, which is one reason why I'd rather go at the weekends so as not to disrupt my sleep regimen for workdays (eating late keeps me up later). On Sundays I go to the gym early and can have regular dinner afterward, not too late.

Bought some wine on sale and drank some of that. Haven't had wine since I got my acid reflux under control with Prilosec (and also healed my esophagus). Still, took some bicarb too.

What to do this weekend... I have some laundry to do. Maybe some cleaning before I get the cleaning crew back in here, which will happen after I get the old TV hauled out.

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