Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday night

Had dinner tonight at Flanigan's. Was in the mood for dolphin fingers. Figured B. and the BF might be there, as they often are on Monday/Wednesday, B.'s usual days off. Sure enough, the black Hummer was parked in the handicapped space outside the door, and they were sitting at the bar. It was pretty packed, but I found a stool, a few seats down from them. Sat reading a new "Vanity Fair" as I was eating (soup, fish, and mozzarella sticks). (Hadn't had anything to eat all day -- stayed home sick.) Finished up and walked past them as if they were just regular customers. Pretty slick.

I might do this more often. I'd been staying away from Flanigan's when I knew they were there. The last (and only) time I saw them in there, I had no idea they were there, since the Hummer wasn't parked out front. But you know I like Flanigan's, too. Let them wonder what I'm up to.

Went grocery shopping afterwards, at the big Publix up the street (not the one by the gym). Found some frozen shelled edamame -- the other Publix only had it in the shell. I had a few bags of that and was going to shell them myself for a pasta recipe, but I went ahead and bought a couple of bags of the shelled, along with some fresh parsley so I can make the recipe. Last week I bought cilantro by mistake -- thought it was flat parsley. (They didn't have the curly, which I prefer, since it's easier to chop.) Threw the cilantro out. I have no use for it and don't really like it.

Now it's Anthony Bourdain. A show on cooking techniques.

Not one of the best. Some people might like it for the cooking pointers, but it lacked the usual humor, just a lot of bleeped profanity.

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