Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday night

Facebook is working normally again. Hmmm.

[Later] Now it's NOT working, again. (Can't share photos, links, etc.)

Meanwhile I rearranged all my Firefox "Speed Dial" tabs into new, meaningful groups ("Research" [Google, Wikipedia, dictionary, etc.], "Periodicals" [NYT, Miami Herald, Salon, etc.], "Blogs" and "More Blogs," "TV," "YouTube" [its own tab], etc.). I also have a "Basic" group (in the first slot) for email, Facebook, this blog, my bank, the weather, etc. (I should also probably make a bill-paying group.) If only I could organize my closets as well as I organized my browser.

Meanwhile, I did not get my taxes done today, but that's OK. I hadn't planned on doing them this weekend.

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