Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday evening

Back from work. Got off the bus at Home Depot to get, inter alia, bulbs for the kitchen ceiling lights. Who knew they came in fluorescent now! (I didn't see them the last time I bought bulbs.) Just bought two, to make sure they fit, etc. They do. Going out to get some more, since another bulb has burned out. (They all burn out at around the same time.) The fluorescents were around $10 for two, but they'll last a while and save money. (Just don't much care for the light they cast.) You can see the fluorescent coil inside the bulb, but otherwise they look like regular spotlights.

[Back from Home Depot] Yeah, but those fluorescents aren't dimmable (and the lights are on a dimmer, not that I use it much -- hardly ever). (I've visited this issue before.) I did buy one dimmable bulb ($8). The problem with it, as I'd feared, is that it sticks out too far from the bottom of the can. I don't know whether to go back to the regular bulbs and wait for a shorter dimmable fluorescent to come out, or go to undimmable fluorescents (and wait for a shorter dimmable fluorescent to come out). (The dimmable fluorescent didn't dim all that much, by the way.) Probably the green thing (and the more economical thing) would be to go all fluorescent now. But then the light might be too harsh, and I wouldn't be able to dim it. Hmmmm. I do use the kitchen light a lot.

Meanwhile, someone from X-S Trash is coming to pick up the old TV tomorrow morning after 10:00. I had a voice mail from them on my work phone this morning. I called back and they quoted their minimum for a removal: $94. I called up one more place that mentioned TVs in particular, and they quoted me $200, so I immediately called X-S Trash back and made the arrangements. Talked to the condo manager, and someone from maintenance will open the door for them (and keep an eye on things). The TV should be out of here in under a minute. It's right by the door with a sign on it (and a check taped to it).

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