Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday evening

Spent an hour and a half over at Starbucks this afternoon, reading and getting buzzed on their coffee (two cups is my limit -- the refill is 54 cents). Not busy there. Had a good seat with umbrella. Cloudy at times, which is good.

Meanwhile an old friend called, so I called her back. Talked a good hour.

[11:30] My old friend told me she'd run into another old friend, so I talked to her over an hour after I'd returned from dinner at Arby's and Taco Bell (they're a few blocks from one another, in another neighborhood a few miles away). Hadn't talked to her in years. Great chat. Was sad to hear she wasn't doing well financially, on account of the economy. She has a limousine company but business has fallen off drastically since the onset of the recession. (Even limousine-riding people are tightening their belts.)

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