Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday night

Had a normal day. Was tired when I got up, however. Yesterday was pretty draining. And I was already drained.

Called the City and then Home Depot from work regarding the threatening letter I received from the City over the weekend regarding the permit problem with the kitchen remodel, for which I'd contracted with Home Depot two years ago. The City said the general contractor never arranged for a final inspection of the cabinets and thus the City doesn't know whether they were installed properly. (As I recall, Home Depot had fired this contractor before my place was completed.) I then talked to my kitchen designer at Home Depot and read her the letter from the City. She had me fax it to the kitchen expediter. The kitchen expediter called later and said she'll be talking to the general contractor tomorrow morning about the situation and will then fill me in. Was nice talking to them again. They were always helpful, and the designer was my primary contact person throughout the whole process.

Home Depot was in charge of all the contracting, and the contractors apply for the permits, do the work, and then arrange for the inspections. I'm glad Home Depot has sprung into action on this. This isn't the first time that the proverbial ball has been dropped. That's an understatement, by the way. I went for months without a kitchen.

I know the municipalities are hurting for money and have been changing rules for this kind of work, extracting more money out of it. But it's up to the contractors--and Home Depot--to keep abreast of the changes.

Today I received the optical CD/DVD drive for the Acer netbook and backed up the system. Had to get some new disks for that, since my DVD+RW disks didn't work. Got those at Target and then headed up to Publix for some cat plates, etc. Got some great pork chops, which I fried for lunch (but had to eat one). Lean and tasty.

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