Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday night

The weather was great for walking the mile after work today -- overcast. Stopped at Palacio de los Jugos along the way to order a Cuban and a pork sandwich. This is the third Cuban sandwich I've bought there. Each one has been different -- I guess it depends on who's making it. The first one was the fattest, but they've all tasted good -- some of the best I've ever had. Adding the pepperoni really kicks it up a notch.

So, I walk out the door at the Palacio with my sandwiches and what's sitting directly in front of me? A black Hummer. But it wasn't B.'s BF's. (I had to look at the license plate to make sure.) Nor did I see it parked in the handicapped space at Flanigan's, as I often do on Monday and Wednesday (B.'s days off -- the BF "doesn't work). Wasn't there on Monday, either. Could have been parked somewhere else. (Palacio is two doors down from Flanigan's, by the way, so I hadn't been all that surprised to see the Hummer there, only it wasn't "the" Hummer.) I have to say, I no longer flinch when I see a black Hummer.

Anyway, ate half the Cuban sandwich and wrapped up everything else to take to work. I have plenty of food for lunch this week, and today we had a free lunch for staff appreciation day. It was a nice, hot lunch, too: churrasco (skirt steak) with chimichurri, some kind of boneless chicken breast with capers, cheesy scalloped potatoes, rice (didn't try), plus a sumptuous salad, and brownies and cookies for dessert (didn't try, but the brownies looked awfully good).

Tonight Lucky thew up on TWO throw rugs. I think he made a pig of himself at dinner. Cleaned them in the tub with the new shower sprayer (what it was bought for) and set them out to dry on the terrace. This weekend I'll take all the rugs and the seat cushions for the wicker furniture to the laundromat down the street and use a couple of their giant washers, in preparation for the cleaning people coming back in.

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