Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday night

Took a nap and going to gym at 9:00. I couldn't do much there on Friday night, since they were remodeling, and couldn't go on Sunday, since I was at work till almost 7:00 (gym closes at 7:00 on weekends). Glad I got nap first. I'll catch Rachel Maddow's headlines on my way out the door.

[Later] Back from gym and store. Got ham and eggs, inter alia. Just pan-broiled some pork chops for work and packed up some more of that vegetable beef soup. The other day I'd bought two packages of boneless loin pork chops (butterflied) on sale for $4.99/lb. Very lean. Thought I'd try them. Delicious. Fried in some olive oil, with Accent, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder.

Today I got back in touch with Office Depot about the desktop computer. They have it back in the store, after shipping it away. Apparently there was nothing wrong with the hardware, so they're only going to charge me for shipping the thing away -- not the full flat fee ($349). They said they were going to try to fix some of the software code to get it to boot -- they said a driver appeared to be fouled up. If they can't fix that, they'll hook the hard drive to my netbook so I can retrieve stuff from it. I guess at that point it would be time to get a new desktop.

Also talked to Home Depot today. The kitchen expediter said she talked with someone at the General Contractor. The person at the GC said the final inspection was passed last August, so she has been trying to contact the City of North Miami. I have to say, however, that no final building inspection is indicated on my permit. If the GC can't prove that the inspection was done, they will have to obtain a new permit and make new arrangements for an inspection.

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