Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday night

"Desperate Housewives" was better tonight. The last two episodes were so lame. This one was still a little lame -- the way Susan went about fouling up the neighbors' plumbing, for example, to get work for Mike (with Susan paying the plumbing bills behind his back). Like breaking up the insides of a toilet tank and throwing them back into the tank, as if Mike wouldn't be suspicious about that. When has it ever happened to you that you look inside your toilet tank and the works have gone totally to pieces? (And the toilet worked perfectly the last time you used it.) And shoveling loads of dirt into a tub to clog up the drain. (And then Mike found Susan's ear ring in the drain, or something?)

But the rest of it was OK. Glad to be rid of that silly Russian character with her cornball excuse for a Russian accent.

After DH, not much on that I care to watch.

Was at the gym and the store earlier. I'd bought skinned chicken breast tenders on sale the other day and today made Chicken Dijon-Sarna (recipe clipped from The Miami Herald years ago). Very lo-cal. Just a little oil in which to saute (recipe calls for non-stick pan) and no carbs (except a little wine, and the alcohol cooks out). Used red onion, which I had on hand, instead of shallots, which the recipe calls for. (Shallots are pretty close to red onions, in my book.) Also has fresh parsley, fresh dill, capers and, of course, Dijon mustard. The chicken first gets pounded flat with a tenderizer. Came out good. (Good cold, too.) I'll take most of that to work. (I also cooked a bag of microwave mixed vegetables. Nothing could be simpler.) For dinner tonight I finished up the corned beef and had a V-8. Right now I'm washing the shower curtain and liner. Used cold water and delicate cycle for the dryer. The last time I washed one of these, it shrank a few inches. It's an off-white, heavy cotton woven thing from Target. Nice-looking. Lucky's wondering what's going on, since the shower curtain is one of his hang-outs.

Fed the neighbor's cat.

On the whole, I had a great weekend.

P.S. Shower curtain still shrank a couple of inches.

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