Saturday, April 03, 2010

Late Friday night

Was at the gym tonight after a nap. Been watching "What Not To Wear," including repeats of shows I haven't seen. Now it's a blonde LA Valley Girl type. Ugh. Can't stand the accent.

Had the brisket for lunch today. It was very good but could easily have been better. Now that I've found a basic recipe, I'll kick it up a notch. I'm thinking some fresh black pepper and fresh thyme sprigs, and maybe a little garlic powder.

Called today about the refinance and don't think that'll work out. It's very expensive, even with a $500 credit, although I could probably swing it. Then I have to put about $500 up front to initiate an appraisal, and I'm not even sure my building will qualify. (It didn't qualify for a home equity line of credit.) But I do have excellent credit. I just don't want to initiate this and then end up losing $500 if things don't work out. Buyer beware. I didn't get a good feeling talking to the person over the phone. And with all the press about the banks trying to take advantage of people, I'm very wary. Also, their quote for the monthly payment was higher than the quote in the letter.

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