Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday night

Last night I forgot to power up my cell phone/alarm clock after recharging it. As a result, I was a little late to work (not even an hour). So I worked a little later today. On the way home from the bus stop, stopped off at the Cuban restaurant and ordered a Cuban and a pork sandwich for takeout. Had the Cuban sandwich for dinner. Will take the pork to work for lunch tomorrow, since I'm running low on steak. That was two big sandwiches for $10. Cuban wasn't as fat as the last one I got there, but very tasty. (I think a different person prepared them this time.)

My desktop computer is still out of commission. Today I wrote an email to one of the technical people, asking him, when he had a spare minute (since this is a personal favor), to give me some advice about the problem, which I described in detail, along with my own attempts to fix it. Didn't hear anything back today. Maybe tomorrow. It appears that a Windows XP boot disk would be helpful. I haven't been able to locate one. I guess it would have been inside the Windows book I got when I bought the computer (but I don't remember getting one or, if I did, what has happened to it). I mentioned that to the technical person. Maybe they have XP boot disks lying around the technical area.

I haven't used this little computer (the Acer netbook) since my Savannah vacation last Labor Day. The keyboard isn't the best but you can type on it normally. (It's only 10" wide.)

Turned the desktop on a few minutes ago and, no, it hadn't miraculously recovered overnight.

Finally remembered to call the condo office about getting the old TV hauled away. The manager had recommended calling a charity, but I told her that those charities that do pick up TVs do not want broken ones. I also told her it had been on Craig's list for a month, listed for free. The condo maintenance people don't haul away stuff (I offered money), so I'll have to get a company to come get it. The condo people will open my door to whoever will come to pick it up. Have to make those arrangements now.

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