Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday evening

Well, the Hummer was back at Flanigan's, but not in the handicapped space. Someone else had taken it. Probably a real handicapped person.

Broiling the marinated steaks on the Foreman Grill. Very good. I'm eating the first one. Cooked it a little too long, so will cook the others less. There are three more of them. Marinade did a great job. Tasty and tender, even if overcooked.

As part of my lunch today, I had some of the pasta with edamame (and since I've been home, have cleared the sink of last night's kitchen wares dirtied to make this). Frankly, I don't like eating the soybeans with the pasta. I ate the pasta first and the soybeans last. I'll never make this again. I'd rather have my pasta with meat sauce, which gives me an idea. I have a loan of Boca Burgers in the fridge. I think I'll use them in a sauce. That would be healthy, right? (I do like the Boca Burgers on toast with sliced onion and mustard, but bread goes to waste around here so I don't buy it often.)

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