Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday night

Just got back from the -- no, not the gym and the store. The Office Depot, where I took the desktop computer. They have to ship it to a repair center somewhere that's authorized to do repairs for HP. $349 "flat rate", including shipping. Yikes. Still, it's cheaper than getting a new computer (and that one cost over $2,000 7-8 years ago, with a 60 GB hard drive). Hopefully I won't lose anything on the hard drive. My files are backed up, to an extent -- not as I would like. The operating system just needs to work again, whatever that takes.

Got an e-card from CC today. (So the chicken came home to roost, at least for the time being.) That was sweet.

Dear Friend,

personne ne pourra jamais dire que tu n'as pas une place dans mon coeur, mon p'tit chou a la creme !
With Love

Oh, and I just noticed a comment on last night's post. Quelle surprise!

Tired. Had a big day at work, mainly designing stuff. And I was anxious all day about taking the computer in for repairs and hearing bad news. So far, news is not so bad, I guess. I've had that computer for years and never spent a cent on it for repairs. It's been a great computer. I hope it'll last a while longer (at least until I back up everything to my satisfaction). Will keep you posted.

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