Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Castro's Son Duped Into Online Affair

From The Advocate here.

A Cuban activist from Miami reportedly duped Fidel Castro's son into a six-month online romance by posing as a woman.

Luis Dominguez, 46, posed as "Claudia Valencia," a 20-something Colombian woman flirting with Antonio "Tony" Castro Soto del Valle, according to ABC News. . . .

Dominguez, who is an advocate for human rights concerns in Cuba, posed as a woman to obtain information about the elder Castro's declining health. He said he got the idea when he saw Tony Castro at a baseball game in Cartagena, Colombia. After the game, there were "hundreds of girls taking pictures" with Castro, who was giving out his e-mail addresses and phone number, and inviting women out to nightclubs.

Dominguez says that Castro has been living a lavish life compared to his fellow countrymen who make, on average, $20 a month. While Castro has regular access to a BlackBerry device, a computer, and the Internet, most Cubans do not have such access. According to ABC News, only about one in eight homes have a phone.

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