Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday night

I was so elated that the ice-maker is working and the cold water flowing again that I couldn't even take a nap. (I didn't even try.) Getting that fixed made my day. I'd been worried all day long about some foul-up with that, since there have been so many foul-ups with the kitchen remodeling.

The sound of ice dropping in the freezer is music to my ears.

I am having a frozen beef and cheese chimichanga for dinner. That should be enough. No tea tonight at Starbucks.

A reader commented on my last cat killer post and I commented back. I would also like to add that cruelty to animals is a characteristic of serial killers. "They are involved in sadistic activity or torturing small animals." (See here.) Jeffrey Dahmer, for example, is a noted "zoosadist." (See here.) "The Dahmer family moved to Bath Township, Ohio when Jeffrey was 8 years old. There, he would spend most of his time in the woods near his house, mutilating small animals and road kill." (See here.) Dahmer "[a]lso enjoyed killing small animals, disecting them and eating them. He was a very strange guy. Try to see a rerun of him on E!. Its really freaky." (See here.)

Did what I had to do tonight: cleaned out the cat box and treated Bootsy's ears. I also located and destroyed an infestation of weevils (?). I'd started seeing these bugs more and more (as had Lucky), and they fly around and land on the TV screen and the computer monitor. There was a whole colony of them in and around a bag of buckwheat pancake mix sitting on the bottom shelf of the new pull-out pantry. So I threw out practically everything on the shelf (including bread crumbs and potato pancake mix) and then vacuumed up the rest of the bugs and the buckwheat flour. I also vacuumed up a little laundry soap, hoping that will kill the bugs inside the vacuum cleaner bag (which I'd recently changed).

These things are tiny--maybe a little bigger than a flea--so they're not scary, and they don't bite. I've had them here before, in the gravy flour, which I now keep in the fridge. What was I thinking when I put the buckwheat flour in the pantry?!

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