Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Had a long talk last night with my friend in Canada. Stayed up pretty late. Got up this morning and called father to wish him happy Father's Day. Got him caught up on the latest news. Everything's fine with him and his wife (she answered the phone). I asked him about my brother, and he said he hasn't heard from him in months.

Later I walked over to Starbucks with the magazine, just in time for an exquisite thunderstorm that cooled off everything. It lasted the better part of an hour. I sat outside under the roof, but I had to keep moving to keep from getting wet. Had two cups of coffee, which were free for the guys for Father's Day. (Refill also free.)

Finished an interesting article on romance writer Nora Roberts. I've never read any of her work. (She also writes "futuristic police procedurals" as J.D. Robb.) She's written a total of 182 novels. Wow! She's 60 and smokes "Winston Filter 100s" and eats Cheez-Its and drinks Diet Pepsi from a liter bottle when she writes. She also cooks dinner at 5:00 every day. Her current husband (she's had two) was a carpenter when she met him--he'd come to her house to build some bookshelves. (She'd been divorced at the time.)

Earlier I watered the plants and did some sewing (with needle and thread). I'll eventually go to the store. Maybe I'll get a burrito at Lime.

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