Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday night already

That was a Windows XP Service Pack 3 update (937 MB) that took hours. I thought it would never end. I just now got back online. No more yellow shield.

Meanwhile I made the big pot of chicken gumbo with Andouille sausage. Came out excellent. I used small chunks of boneless chicken breast (on sale) and didn't overcook it. (I added it at the end. There was already the chicken stock in the mix.) That was dinner and will also be lunch for the next few days.

[A bit later] Actually there was one more update--a security update--which took no time. I just had to reboot.

The computer hasn't behaved so well since I can remember--fast, responsive.

The yellow shield is gone (I hope for the rest of the night). Watching a new show on Africa on the History Channel.

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